Our Financial Story

My husband and I got married back in 2014. We did not have a big fancy wedding, it was a simple civil ceremony that was attended by ...

My husband and I got married back in 2014. We did not have a big fancy wedding, it was a simple civil ceremony that was attended by 20+ people or so. Just like most young couples we made our vows without fear of the future because we believed in each other and just like most newly-weds... we were broke.

For our reception we had it at a local restaurant. My husband paid for the reception 2 weeks before and he spent around Php 5,000 while we set aside some extra cash for additional orders that day. We were so thankful that my sister gave us some money to spend too. A part of the gift was  spent for a little gathering at my in-laws' place for some of his relatives. 

To cut the story short, we did survive that day. We had a few thousand pesos to our name, a small studio/room we rented close to our work and a wide grin ready to take on the adventure of marital life. We didn't have any honeymoon, we kept thinking it'll come at the right time. Our priority was just to get settled and work. 

Financially, my husband and I are  so different, I'm the spender and he's the one who would always tell me to take it slow. This might make people feel uncomfortable as most people find it rude to talk about money. But, let's just say that I have learned a valuable lesson in life that I am truly thankful for. 

After a year of fights, moving to different places, making ends meet (and failing miserably!), trying to get out of debt, me getting in and out of the hospital and just hating each other due to lack of financial discipline, we are changing. Take note that it's still in the progressive form as this journey has just started for the both of us. 

So I am this woman now, the woman who budgets, who plans, who listens to Dave Ramsey and who is careful on what she spends on. Not that I am doing this without difficulty because this is just as difficult when you have to stop yourself from buying something impulsively. 

Financially we are more in sync now, my husband and I would sit down and discuss where our money should go and what should be prioritized. Our financial situation is still far from where we hope it would be; to a point that we could freely and easily give back to our families and others. But, we are positive that we are heading to the right direction. 

This blog is to document our journey. We have read a lot of financial blogs that have helped and inspired us as a couple and I want to give back in way by sharing our journey to other married couples or to other wives/mothers who are working towards financial freedom one step at a time.  

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