5 Things Debt Has Taught Me...So Far

Before I start sharing the profound life lessons I have learned from debt and financial struggles, let me just address the elephant in th...

Before I start sharing the profound life lessons I have learned from debt and financial struggles, let me just address the elephant in the room...err in this post. We are a society that's afraid to talk about money and much more about the talk of debt. The real irony in life though is we work so hard for money and a majority of us (including me!) are dealing with debt or if not have dealt with it at some point. It's not dirty laundry like others think it is, it's a reality that real people deal with every single day. If this blog or anything that I say will make you feel uncomfortable, I apologize.

This leads me to the very first thing I learned:

1. It doesn't matter what people say.

 If you have made wrong choices before with money (you are not alone!) and you find yourself feeling guilty or worried about what other people will say, it's no help at all. Unless these are words to encourage or guide you on your journey to financial freedom, the negativity and shaming will not help you get out of debt any sooner. 

Most of us are living a life based on what others will say. This may even be the cause of why we are living a life beyond what we can actually afford. So, just let it go and let the background noise remain exactly where it should be and do what you need to do for yourself and your family.

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2. A lot of people are going through or have gone through similar struggles.

You are not alone. When you are in a tight situation with money, you end up feeling sorry for yourself. You start thinking how others are more blessed than you, you feel inferior and ashamed.

I am not saying all have debts or are struggling, not what I see on Facebook anyway,but there are people somewhere in this planet who are also finding ways to make ends meet and praying to God to provide them enough to cover next month's bills. 

The point here is, if they can continue to survive so can you!

3.  Attitude is EVERYTHING

When it comes to debt and getting out of it, your attitude is your biggest tool. Your attitude is the one thing you can control,I also like to think it's your perspective about things. 

Your attitude about your situation will be your driving force to keep going and to keep yourself from blaming anyone but taking responsibility for all your choices especially when it comes to spending. Delaying gratification takes discipline and an attitude of firmness. Gosh, I wish this is easy. This is the lesson I have been struggling to apply in my life.

4. There is no easy way out.

I'm sorry, this is just the plain old truth. You didn't get yourself in a financial mess in a snap, maybe it's not debt but maybe it's the frustration of living paycheck to paycheck, so getting out of that rut also takes time and effort.

You will have to change your lifestyle and your mindset to get it done and sometimes you find yourself falling off the wagon and disheartened to start again. It's a tedious cycle until you're over it so you just do it. No easy way out schemes on your road to financial independence.

5. Wrong sense of entitlement is NOT self-love

Have you ever tried telling yourself "I deserve to buy this new shoes because I worked hard for it" ? Or when it's payday you start spending so much on things because you deserve it? I learned this the hard way. It was payday and I ended up spending so much because I worked so hard for the money not thinking that it's still a couple more weeks till the next pay. So, what happened?

We had to scramble and look for people we could borrow money from because we didn't have a single money left to get us through the "critical days" (3-4 days before payday). I'm not saying don't treat yourself because yes, you deserve it but you also have to love yourself by understanding that you will need to set something aside so you don't end up hungry or walking to work. 

This is what I have learned so far and I am expecting to learn more in the future. 

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